Monday, April 22, 2013

Gecko Shot - Coming Soon

Assalamualaikum... It's so long I'm not here with my routine 'BW'... Actually, the past day, past month & past year it seem so hard to me to spend my time on this blog. So, for my 1st Entry on this year, I would like  to share with you guy about my 1st game developing. This is a casual game & so easy to play it. When this game is completely done soon, I'll hope it really work & can make you guy enjoy it. For the right now, it's still on progress & I'll update time by time for their progress.


  1. wahhhh..xsbr nk try game comel nih..keep up the good work..yo can do it..:)

  2. (^_^)... Game masih diperingkat awal... Insyaa ALLAH akan cube yg Terbaik...


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